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This page contains links to external sites that provide both low level and more professional articles and resources for WKS patients.

No matter how your brain gets damaged, the aftermath is similar to Traumatic Brain Injuries and both patients and caregivers should search locally for rehabilitation hospitals in your area that offer TBI support groups.

Each state has a chapter of the Brain Injury Association, and some offer support groups for all ABI's (Acquitted Brain Injury) of which both TBI's, strokes, and Wernickes are all covered under the top level heading of ABI.

New York:

North Dakota:

A good basic read about Thiamin and it's clinical impression and treatment,

A little out of date, but does cover the basics.  NORD have asked the Foundation to help update their website based on our own experience and the clients we serve.

A rehash of the NORD articles, updated in 2016.

A very well written and easy to understand definition of Korsakoff's Syndrome.

Beyond Thiamine, and the treatment of Korsakoff's Syndrome

Differential Diagnosis for Wernickes

General article covering the basics:

Detailed article describing how Alcohol can induce Wernickes.

Get you free Brain Injurd ID Card here: